Highlight Tour Nha Trang


These are specially tailor-made excursions. Exploring the country trails, village life, town and farms, pagoda, the best way to experience the “true” Vietnamese countryside.

This countryside tour offers you a fascinating insight into the “real lives” of everyday people who are the backbone of Vietnam. Just a few kilometers from Nha Trang‘s beachfront is the picturesque countryside dotted with coconut trees, fruit orchards, and irrigated rice paddies.


Stop for photos at the rice fields along the road within the hamlet. It depends on the seasons; you may see how local farmers plant or harvest the rice. Farming is the local people’s main job.

Some people grow rice three times a year, but most farmers alternate their crops, such as watermelons, corn. Most of the planting, plowing, transplanting, harvesting are done by hand or by buffaloes. Therefore, for most families, their buffaloes are a considerable asset.


09h00: Car & Guide pick guest up from hotel.

Visit Vietnamese Weave Mat House: The village path leads us to the home of one family who weaves mats from rushes that grow abundantly in the surrounding area.

Two people working together will weave just four mats in a day, which will be taken to the local market and traded for food and other essentials.

Continue a trip is the Ancient House – these are traditionally laid out in the same manner throughout the village.


Ancestor worship is an important part of daily life in Vietnam and a large area of these small houses is usually reserved for the family altar.

In addition to passing through a fruit orchard boasting a plentiful supply of tropical fruits.

Visit: Wooden Bridge, Local market

13h00: Return to Hotel. End of tour.

Nha Trang Highlight Trip Included:

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10 – 20 People $50 US

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