Speedboat Rental Nha Trang

Speedboat Rental Nha Trang

Nha Trang, a small town in Vietnam, located in the Khanh Hoa province is widely recognized because of its gorgeous beaches. In fact, Nha Trang is often referred to as the ‘Seaside Resort’ of Vietnam. Having vast tranquil beaches and the finest climatic conditions, the Nha Trang Beaches, Vietnam are perfect for a lovely holiday.

Sunbathing is another favorite pastime popular among tourists. The Nha Trang Beaches in Vietnam also invites long leisurely walks. It is no wonder that the Nha Trang beaches, Vietnam are recognized as the most frequented of the Vietnam popular destinations.

Start the trip at Nha Trang pier. It takes an hour to Mun island. Docked on the ocean, guests are ready to diving to discover sea life underwater. Professional divers by your side take photos underwater with many varieties of sea creatures or also record amazing videos underwater and make it be a wonderful trip. 

Itinerary for Speedboat Rental Nha Trang:

No Itinerary Wooden Boat Speed Boat
01 Aquarium – Mini Beach  $ 50 USD  $ 70 USD
02 Hon Tam Island – Con Se Tre $ 80 USD  $ 100 USD
03 Con Se Tre  $ 80 USD  $ 100 USD
04 Fishing Village  $ 60 USD $ 80 USD
05 Aquarium – Hon Tam Island – Fishing Village  $ 90 USD $ 110 USD
06 Mun Island – Hon Tam Island – Aquarium  $ 130 USD $ 150 USD
07 Mun Island – Hon Tam Island – Con Se Tre  $ 150 USD $ 170 USD
08 Aquarium – Hon Tam Island  $ 70 USD  $ 90 USD
09 Hon Tam Island  $ 60 USD  $80 USD
10 Hon Mun Island – Con Se Tre $ 150 USD  $ 170 USD

Prices Included:

The price will be additional 20% in the Vietnamese Celebrate Days

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